German delegation worked in Ulaanbaatar during the 18 – 27 September, 2022

German delegation worked in Ulaanbaatar during the 18 – 27 September, 2022

German doctors and nurses headed by Prof. Walter Popp, HyKoMed, Germany worked in Mongolia during the18 – 27 September 2022.

The main reason... Read more

The second visit took place to Ulaanbaatar 12 – 19 May 2022

Prof. Walter Popp, HyKoMed, Germany had a visit to Mongolia in May.

He visited some hospitals including the Hospital No 1, Baganuur hospital, Nalaikh district hospital, Songino Khairkhan district hospital and “Amgalan” Maternity hospital. During the visit Prof.Walter Popp were introduced... Read more

Prof. Walter Popp’s first visit in Mongolia since Covid-19

Prof. Walter Popp worked in Mongolia during March 10-17th since COVID 19 outbreak through the world.

Prof. Walter Popp and German ambassador Mr. Rosenberg visited Hospital No2. Dr. Erdenebulgan, General director, introduced the new nuclear medicine department and the new endoscopy depart... Read more

Sixth visit of project 2018-2020

Walter Popp (HyKoMed, Dortmund), Marina Lorsch (City Health Department, Essen), Adelheid Jones (Koln) worked in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia from 1-8th February 2020.

This was the sixth visit in the project (2018-2020) “Primär- und Sekundärprävention sowie aufsuchende Prävention bei Hepatitis B/C... Read more

German experts worked in Ulaanbaatar

Peter Renzel (Vicemayor of Essen), Walter Popp (HyKoMed, Dortmund), Christine Schoppe (St. Elisabeth Gruppe Herne), Heike Kamphusmann (St. Elisabeth Gruppe Herne), Jorg Spors (Firebrigade Essen), Michael Rossburg (MVZ), Dr. Eberhard (Dortmund) and Annette Simonis (Charite, Berlin) worked in Ulaan... Read more