The second visit took place to Ulaanbaatar 12 – 19 May 2022

Prof. Walter Popp, HyKoMed, Germany had a visit to Mongolia in May.

He visited some hospitals including the Hospital No 1, Baganuur hospital, Nalaikh district hospital, Songino Khairkhan district hospital and “Amgalan” Maternity hospital. During the visit Prof.Walter Popp were introduced and checked the hospitals buildings, Outpatient chemotherapy, Endoscopy, ERCP room, ICU, operation rooms, emergency unit, operation rooms, sterilization unit, laundry, kitchen etc.

We had a visit to the new hospital in Songino Khairhan district which is financed by ADB including equipment and new operating instruments. The hospital is very modern and spacious. Moreover, the other district hospitals should be built the same way with the hospital.

Finally, we had visited to the “Amgalan” Maternity hospital No3 and met director Dr Batbold and co-directors and looked the hospital in different departments including delivery room, ICU, sterilization unit, laundry, and the ward. They have around 8,000 births in a year.

During the visit Prof Walter Popp attended several meetings and gave short presentation about the visit and MeshHp. He had a meeting with Ms Nyamsuren, head of Mongolian Nurses Association and next trainings which will be held in September are planned. What’s more, there was a meeting with Mrs Baigalmaa, president for City University. They have started a nurse study with bachelor degree.

If you would like to get more information, could you visit the trip report .

Socially Prof. Walter Popp attended to the “Terbum mod project (One billion trees) which is planting trees with his friends. Hopefully the trees will be grown in the future.