Prof. Walter Popp’s first visit in Mongolia since Covid-19

Prof. Walter Popp worked in Mongolia during March 10-17th since COVID 19 outbreak through the world.

Prof. Walter Popp and German ambassador Mr. Rosenberg visited Hospital No2. Dr. Erdenebulgan, General director, introduced the new nuclear medicine department and the new endoscopy department.

Also, they visited Hospital No 4, NCCD, City University, Emergency Service 103 and Medclean.

Prof Walter Popp met Mrs Schmidt-Corsitto from Misheel Kids Foundation.

There was a MeshHp meeting and Dr Ariunbold, who was designated – for the Mongolian side - as head of MeshHp and Dr. Bolor as deputy head. New members of MeshHp are MNA, Songinokharkhan district hospital, Nalaikh district hospital and Mongolian Association of Family Medicine Specialists.

Finally, Prof. Walter and MeshHp doctors had the chance to meet the Health Minister, Dr Enkhbold. The MeshHp project’s work for the last 12 years and the improvement of hygiene in the Mongolian healthcare system were introduced during the meeting.

The next visit will be in May 2022.

If you would like to get more information about the visit please check the Report of the visit to Ulaanbaatar 10-17 March, 2022.