German experts worked in Mongolia

Prof. Walter Popp, Project director of MeshHp, HyKoMed GmbH, Dortmund and Nouzha Maazouz, University Clinics Essen worked Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from 28 February to 05 March, 2016.

In September 2015, Ms Nouzha Maazouz gave new instruments for Hospital No 2. She had worked there full time the whole week to change and improve situation in CSSD of the hospital. With support MedClean also videos were produced showing how to reprocess the instruments in a correct way and had trained staff. This time the instruments were checked and reviewed by the experts.

If you want to get more information please download the following report.

Trip report

What’s more German experts have visited other hospitals including; Bayangol district hospital, Chingeltej district hospital, Central hospital No 3, National Trauma and Orthopedic Research Center of Mongolia, Center for Zoonotic Diseases and General Agency for Specialized Inspection.

During the visit we celebrated 60th birthday Prof. Walter Popp, Project director and we are very pleased with working Prof. Walter and very grateful to his effort and support for the hospital hygiene in Mongolia and also having a good friendship of German and Mongolian.