German delegation visited in June, Mongolia

German delegation including Prof. Walter Popp, Head of Hospital Hygiene Unit, Prof. Dr. Ali Canbay, Dr. Birgit Ross, Dr. Jan-Peter Sowa, Mrs.Nouzha Maazouz, University Clinics Essen, Mr. Michael Rossburg, MVZ Dr.Eberhard u. Partner – Dortmund and Arnd Rensmann, Fire Brigade Essen visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from 12 to 21 June, 2014.

The delegation visited pilot hospital of Second Central Hospital, Chingeltei District Hospital and First Maternity Hospital.

“Mongolian Emergency Service and Hospital Hygiene Project” (MeshHp) successfully organized with MoH and ADB the third symposium on “Infection Control and Prevention “on 18 June 2014 at Conference Hall of Ministry of Health.

Over 120 doctors, hygienists, epidemiologists and representatives from Germany, Essen University Clinic, Essen Fire Brigade, Ministry of Health, Mongolia, National Central Hospital, Second Central Hospital, Emergency Medical Service -103, district hospitals and all aimag hospitals have attended the symposium and Dr. Amarsanaa, Vice Minister of Ministry of Health and German Ambassador Mr Thiedemann delivered the opening speech.

German doctors delivered presentations the following presentations: “Hygiene in operating theatre” and “Hepatitis vaccination and handling of virus carriers” , Prof.Walter Popp, “Therapy of hepatitis B and C”, Prof. Ali, “Hygiene in dialysis” and “Hygiene in endoscopy”, Dr. Ross and “Basic needs for microbiologic labs in urban and rural areas of Mongolia”, M Rossburg Dr Mungunkharaa(103) reported about her experience in emergency medicine during her 4 week stay in Essen.

The symposium was also part of the anniversary of 40 years diplomatic relationship between Germany and Mongolia.

During the visit the delegation had some meetings including with Dr. Tsogbadrah and Mr.Enkhbat City Health Department. What’s more, there was a meeting with Dr. Claude Bodart, Dr. Altantuya, Dr.Bulganchimeg and Dr Tungaa, ADB regarding Health 5 Project.

Mr. Arnd Rensmann conducted successfully three day training on Basics of neurological diseases, anatomy and function of nervous system, anatomy of spine, neurological diseases in emergency medicine, neurological basic check, preclinical measures and neck and how to position a patient at the Emergency Management Center (103) for some doctors and drivers.

Prof. Walter Popp gave a presentation on Reprocessing of medical devices in dentistry” to students, Dental School of Health Sciences University of Mongolia.