Mongolian Medical Experts’ visit to Essen, Germany

A group of Medical Experts from Mongolia visited Essen, Germany from 14-24th of June, 2012.

The group consisted of 10 medical professionals from different health organizations were:
Dr. Altannavch Tsevegjav, Dr. Dulamragchaa Purev, Dr. Uyangaa Tsogbaatar and Mrs. Sharkhuu Tumor Second General Hospital of Mongolia, Dr. Muugolog Tsolmon from National Center of Communicable Disease and head of Society of Mongolian Hygienists, Dr. Battsetseg Chuluunbaatar and Dr. Ulambayar Cooperative from Chingeltei District Hospital, Mr Tsegmid Purevdash, Dr. Khorolsuren Mungunkharaa and Dr. Baldan Otgontenger from City Emergency Center,respectively.

During their visit, the group had several meeting with German officials. First day was meeting with the Mayor of Essen, Mr. Pass who visited Mongolia in May, 2012 and signed bilateral agreement with Mayor of Ulaanbaatar Mr. Munkhbayar. Following days were meetings with Prof. Nagel, Medical Director of Essen University Clinic, Dr. Kundt, Head of Essen City Health Department, Mrs. Kostner (German MoH), Mr. Wagner (Ministry of Economy, NRW) and Dr. Enkhtsetseg (WHO Bonn) also joined the meeting.

The Mongolian delegation expressed gratitude to German partners for their cooperation and contribution.

At the University Clinics of Essen all the members visited different unit and shared experience with German colleagues. They visited following units such as Rehabilitation clinics, cleaning unit, CSSD, outpatient clinics, routine investigation of cleaning of endoscopes, IMC, endoscopy unit, quality management, kitchen, laboratory, emergency room, dialysis, ICU, operating theatre and introduced with waste management department.

Moreover, the group visited paramedic training center at the Fire Brigade Essen, and had trainings on mega-code training, technical assistance for passenger cars (patient-suitable rescue), helicopter in Dortmund, Fire department model for rescue forces during mass casualty incidents, drive on ambulance car. The group had a great time in Essen and got new knowledge and obtained valuable training.

In September 2012, German specialists will visit to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Main object of the visit will be to address therapy of hepatitis carriers by the MeshHp project in 2013, antibiotics therapy and quality of microbiologic labs.