Mongolian doctors in Essen, Germany

Mongolian doctor's delegation went to Essen in February 2011. The delegation included health care workers from the National Central Hospital, Chingeltei District Health Unit, Emergency Medical Service - 103, UN and AHI Project.

During the 10-day-visit they attended training on hospital hygiene and infection control and received the first certificate to become instructors of hospital hygiene. The delegation has visited different departments of the University Clinics Essen.

Also, they visited the Essen Fire Department and where introduced with activities of the Fire Department, especially its Emergency Care Unit. Moreover, training on mass casualty incident was organized for the delegation. Doctors from Emergency Service in Ulaanbaatar had a full day ride on an ambulance car in Essen.

Finally, the delegation of Mongolian doctors visited the government of the City of Essen and had a meeting with the Mayor of Essen, Mr R. Pass.